John Coltrane – Giant Steps (LP)


Artist: John Coltrane
Label: Doxy
Format: LP

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Repressed. Originally released in 1960. “What makes Coltrane one of the most interesting jazz players is that he’s not apt to ever stop looking for ways to perfect what he’s already developed and also to go beyond what he knows he can do. He is thoroughly involved with plunging as far into himself and the expressive possibilities of his horn as he can. As Zita Carno wrote, ‘the only thing to expect from John Coltrane is the unexpected.’ I’d qualify that dictum by adding that one quality that can always be expected from Coltrane is intensity. He asks so much of himself that he can thereby bring a great deal to the listener who is also willing to try relatively unexplored territory with him.” –from the original liner notes; pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).


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