Merzbow – Hanakisasage (CD)


Artist: Merzbow
Format: CD
Label: Old Captain

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The name “Hanakisasage” is the Japanese name for Catalpa speciosa, a tree native to the central Mississippi basin in the United States. It is uncommon in Japan. The CD consists of two tracks of noise ambient/rhythm recorded in Tokyo during 2014-2016, and musically follows in the footsteps of his recent works like ‘Kakapo’. It’s 55 minutes of pure untamed energy and sonic insight into Masami Akita’s world. A limited edition of 300 CDs in a glossy full-colour Digipak.

1. Hanakisasage (34:10)
2. Kakapo 2 (20:40)

Recorded and Mixed at Munemihouse, Tokyo 2014-2016
All Music / Photo / Artwork by Masami Akita


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