Clock DVA – Horology III: Tape, Reel – Recordings & Art 1978-1980 (4xLP)


Artist: Clock DVA
Label: Vinyl on Demand
Format: 4xLP

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“A life composed of memories, without which we are just shells with the sound of the sea for eternity.” –Adi Newton, 1985

Horology III: Tape, Reel – Recordings & Art 1978-1980 is a comprehensive approach to recondition the early years of Clock DVA. During these periods of late 1977 through to late 1979 prior to the release of White Souls In Black Suits on Industrial Records, Clock DVA recorded a large catalogue of material some of which was issued in very limited edition on cassette releases only. Horology I contains among other recordings Lomticks Of Time, 2nd Tape, Sex Works Beyond Entanglement, Fragment, which were all recorded during this period alongside the recordings here on Horology III, and additionally on Horology II. It is with these three Clock DVA Horology editions that an understanding and a realization will begin regarding the true nature and position of Clock DVA in the history of industrial and experimental music. Clock DVA’s earlier electronic experimental work is fragmented and incomplete. To see the whole picture, the Horology collections are essential in mapping the formulation and the morphology of Clock DVA, and the occult influence which was derived from their work. Four-LP box comes in slipcase folder on black Vinyl; Includes shirt.
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A1. PTI (Through Latex Mirrors) (7:35)
A2. Theatre of Eroticism 2 (6:04)
A3. Reversal of Light (3:32)
A4. TSO (Throbbing Sweeping Obscene) (5:55)
A5. Time Loops (The Texture of two tape recordings Genitals & Genosis) (1:45)
B1. Butcher Bacon Window Pain (2:42)
B2. Fragment 3 Through Latex Mirrors PTI Soundtrack (4:09)
B3. Mass (5:14)
B4. Resonator (13:15)
B5. Chronons (1:17)

C1. Tape Treatment (0:54)
C2. The Time Come (5:30)
C3. The Transfiguration Of Memory By Liquid Pain (7:30)
C4. Installation Section 1 (Genitals And Genosis /The Texture Of Two Tape Recordings) (10:02)
C5. Fragment 1 Through Latex Mirrors Pti Soundtrack (2:03)
D1. Fragment 2 Through Latex Mirrors Pti Soundtrack (0:29)
D2. Oedipus (2:17)
D3. The Girl (3:44)
D4. Room (4:29)
D5. The Theatre Of Eroticism (Extract) (6:16)
D6. Post Future Theme 1 (4:29)
D7. 1.51 (1:51)
D8. Ocean (3:39)

E1. Windscale (2:43)
E2. Film Of Our Death (2:50)
E3. Synchromesh (1:54)
E4. Plastic (3:07)
E5. Sex Textures (4:11)
E6. Lomticks Of Time (5:10)
E7. Post Future Theme 2 (4:47)
F1. Susan’s Party (3:28)
F2. Somnambulist (6:11)
F3. Tape Treatment 2 (1:36)
F4. Mass 2 (4:32)
F5. Mechanism (2:35)
F6. Live Intro Chainsaw Massacre Treated Excerpt (7:30)

G1. 2.28 (2:28)
G2. Pretty Strangely Girl (4:10)
G3. Primal Synthesis (4:41)
G4. I Am David The One (2:32)
G5. Post Future Theme 3 (2:42)
G6. Film Of Our Death V2 (2:52)
G7. Clockwork People V2 (1:53)
H1. Chronons Pt 2 (0:55)
H2. Lomticks Of Time Instrumental (5:10)
H3. Throbbing Sweeping Obscene End Sequence (0:38)
H4. Oedipus (2:43)
H5. Post Future Theme 4 (3:29)
H6. The Time Come /Instrumental (2:42)
H7. 1958 (4:03)


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