Coilectif – In Memory ov John Balance & Homage to Coil (CD)


Artist: Coilectif
Label: Rotorelief
Format: CD

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2006 release. Coilectif consists of French bands from the genesis of industrial, experimental, and free jazz musics — for the most part unclassifiable underground musics — and more recent artists from the same vein. These artists explore and express, openly and without limits, what Coil’s heritage suggests to them, an opportunity to pay homage to Geoff Rushton aka John Balance following his death on November 13, 2004. Coilectif is also an homage to all the musicians, as well as illustrators Scherer & Ouporov, united for the first time under such an outline, all expressing what Coil’s universe evokes to them through lunar, astral, and visionary excursions, while keeping their own artistic identities. It is not a compilation of remixes of Coil, nor a catalog of previously released tracks, but a genuine concept of creation in which this collective of artists homogenizes itself around a real artistic project. The 17 tracks form an intimate, magnetic, and timeless piece of work. Each band composed, recorded, and mixed their own exclusive track. Mastered by Laurent Pernice. Graphic design by Patricia Leclerc from the artwork of Scherer & Ouporov. Includes works by Ilitch; De Mange Machine; Servovalve; Bela Goosy; Laurent Pernice & Jacques Barb=C3=A9ri; Pacific 231; Vivenza; D=C3=A9saccord Majeur; Art&Technique; Othila; Gas Anorex; Vox Populi! (as Gitanjali & The Masters Of Mystic Entertainment); Les Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites; Palo Alto; D=C3=A9ficit Des Ann=C3=A9es Ant=C3=A9rieures; =C3=89tant Donn=C3=A9s; Jac Berrocal, Marie France & Jack Belsen.


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