Gabriel Le Mar – Into Sonic States (CD)


Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Format: CD

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’Into Sonic States’ was produced entirely during global isolation while the earth was at a standstill for us all. The chance to bring new ideas and energy into the studio from travels, live performances and sharing special moments with our global music family was replaced with solitude and much one on one time in the studio.

Gabriel Le Mar took this time to reach deep within for inspiration by reintroducing himself to his inner dialogue with music & sound, the result is something rather spectacular.
The tracks range from deep and hypnotic down/midtempo dub driven tracks to uplifting and smoothly flowing progressive chill out grooves with depth, while merging elements of hand played instruments such as guitar together with organic electronics.

Step into Sonic States and enjoy this aural journey.


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