DJ Brainwave/Pete Namlook – Limelight (CD)


Artist: DJ Brainwave, Pete Namlook
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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Limelight is a nice mixture of early dark hard trance and beatful ambient music. It is emotional, deep and highly listenable, and its trance oriented tracks areofatimeless nature. Thereis a lot of variety of melody and beats and some nice and many of the tracks contain unexpected changes in direction. Pete and DJ Brainwavedid not just want to release successful trance music. They wanted to innovate and transport a special spirit which included some funkiness to the beats and multi-melodic content in the arrangements. Also, Pete included a composition of his from 1986 long beforehe started FAX: “homo ambiens” which had been rejected for a “new age” compilation (along with “Sonne”) as being “too dark and too deep”. Seven years later it was time to release it within the “Limelight” project. Due to public demand and the high prices paid for “Limelight” on the Internet, we decide to reissue this brilliant CD, which further proves the timeless nature of FAX music.


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