Maurizio Bianchi – Mectpyo Box (CD Box)


Artist: Maurizio Bianchi
Label: Mectpyo Sound
Format: CD Box

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2015 repress, with new packaging; previously released in 2008. Legendary Maurizio Bianchi recordings from the early ’80s remastered and collected in a 10CD box. Includes the following industrial music classics: Symphony for a Genocide (1981), Menses (1982), Neuro Habitat (1982), Regel (1982), Mectpyo Bakterium (1981), Das Testament (1983), Endometrio (1982), Carcinosi (1983), The Plain Truth (1983), and Armaghedon (1984). Also contains two hours of bonus tracks from the same period, with compilation contributions previously issued on Bain Total, Broken Flag, Come Organisation, and TRAX, as well as various mail art collaborations and a unique live recording and interview from January 1st, 1983. Includes 35 folded inserts with original artworks and collages; essays on Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse and Come, Conrad Schnitzler, Leibstandarte SS MB, and SPK; playlists from 1981 and ’82; a 1981 interview issued in Datenverarbeitung; an essay by Vittore Baroni on Bianchi titled “Milan Burns”; and Bianchi’s “Fanta Punk Tale” from 1978. Limited to 200 numbered copies.


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