Various Artists – Móatún 7 から Tetsu Inoue へ (2CD)


Artist: Various Artists
Format: 2CD
Label: Móatún 7

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Mastered by Árni Grétar
Design by Mason Verger
in the classic style of
FAX +49-69/450464
Album dedicated to
Tetsu Inoue from artists
around the world

Futuregrapher– Opnun 3:22
Stefan Kibellus– Dreaming Under Trees 6:16
Solipsism– In The Time Of Two Suns 7:44
Aastik– Quiet Places Within 6:04
Takashi Kusano (2)– Silent Destruction 6:36
Absynthie– Memories Of The Future 5:16
ThorF– Vakir 7:08
Mint Deluxe– Inouï 8:24
GB EDGE– Orion Lagoon 9:37
D York– AFFTI_1.6 10:05
Charles Uzzell Edwards*– Pocono 3:19
Gallery Six– Ambient Gachi Otaku 3:34
Nacht Plank– Autumn Star 13:20
The Headmaster (2)– Fundamental 10:04
Bistro Boy– 04-04-04 4:06
Juan Moreno (6)– Melancolia Matutina 3:00
Distant Fires Burning– Saudade 3:39
Simon Pitchforth– Aeriea Verismo 7:54
Silentwave– Darkness Is Light 3:48– Her Wishing Well 5:39
Darren McClure– Colour Is Not An Easy Matter 10:01
Augen– Chromatic Long Avenue 9:24
ENUIT– A New Era 4:20
Krystian Shek– You Don’t Have To Be There To Be Here 2:36


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