The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD Remixes/Sin in Space Part 1 (12 inch)


Artist: The Orb
Label: Kompakt
Format: 12 inch

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Iconic electronic music pioneers The Orb follow the 2015 release of their Moonbuilding 2703 AD album (KOMP 124CD/KOM 330LP) with Moonbuilding 2703 AD Remixes/Sin in Space Pt.1, containing three reworks of the album’s sonic thicket. Kompakt founder and veteran 4/4 anarchist Wolfgang Voigt’s “AntiretroAmbientPsycholkaMix” opens with innocuous ambient trickling before sidestepping into lush pop techno minimalism at its very best; Voigt’s second take, credited to his Wassermann rave alter ego, is particularly bouncy. LA-based producer Teebs, nurtured by Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint, brings his rich edit-style beat tapestry to full fruition with his ingenious “Moon Grotto Mix.”


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