David Moufang/Pete Namlook – Move D/Namlook XI: Sons of Kraut (2CD)


Artist: David Moufang, Pete Namlook
Label: Fax
Format: 2CD

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This is the next step in psychoactive music. The second FAX DTS 5.1 Music Disc/Stereo CD. For compatibility reasons (to listen to the music in the car or at your friend’s or if you don’t own a DTS capable 5.1 Surround System) we included a stereo CD version in the double CD-pack. Recorded Live at David’s reSource studio in Heidelberg this CD offers the best of the two artists, not as an addition but more a multiplication of their abilities. “Sons of Kraut” is the the proof that these artists are the musical sons of the 70s Krautrock movement. The music ranges between obscure, psychedelic Ambient with the slow and hypnotic addition of house beats. Dave and Pete did a great job making music for your mind and body. We recommend you listen to this music loud.. it is the FAX mid-summernight release on 21st of June 2006. CD tracks: E-lectric Touch 27.35 / Sleeplearnin’ 18.10 / Arabesque 21.46 / Piperidine 10.33


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