Sun Ra and His Astro-infinity Arkestra – Other Strange Worlds (LP)


Artist: Sun Ra and His Astro-infinity Arkestra
Label: Roaratorio
Format: LP

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BACK IN STOCK!!! Within SUN RA’s vast discography, the album that orbits the furthest away from the known jazz universe is Strange Strings. Calling it a “study in ignorance,” SUN RA directed his ARKESTRA stalwarts to pick up unusual stringed instruments and homemade percussion with which they had little familiarity, and improvise without any guidelines or direction. Other Strange Worlds, recorded in his NYC apartment in May of 1965, dates from the same era and employs the same methodology as Strange Strings. He and JOHN GILMORE, MARSHALL ALLEN, ART JENKINS and ALI HASAAN freewheel through collective improvisation–some texture-over-tonality string experiments, some exotic reeds and percussion. Includes download coupon.


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