Hior Chronik – Out of the Dust (CD)


Artist: Hior Chronik
Format: CD
Label: 7K!

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Seductive and cinematic soundscapes between ambient, drone and indie-neoclassical music: these are the best words to describe Hior Chroniks style. A style that captures ears and soul, bringing you into an imaginary world, arousing emotions, making the mind wander to distant places. This is the goal of the Greek musician, now living half of the year in Athens and the other half in Berlin. You can hear it in his new record “Out Of The Dust”, produced by himself, mixed by John Vallasis and mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx Studio, Berlin. I tried to combine ambient and drone sounds with strings and piano following a harmonic direction”, Chronik explains. I wanted to make a soundtrack for a movie that was never shot. The mood is melancholic, but not only that: Theres a dark side, but I made it run parallel with bright soft melodies, Chronik continues. And on the topic of his music influences: It’s hard to specify what exactly they were, but I think Im close to Max Richter and in some ways to Arvo Part. Besides that, true inspiration a division of !K7 Music comes from my life experiences, even the small little things: books, films, people I meet, travels. And being close to nature: I would say thats the base of everything. After three solo records and two in collaboration with Arovane, Chronik is now ready to launch his new work Out of The Dust. The title is a political quote about how we can fight against the crisis, but also against the existential anguish of surviving. A movement of no fear and the beginning of a new life, he explains. On how he developed the songs, he says: I recorded piano, trumpet and strings in their analogic sound, then I used effects as I always do for the ambient and drone sounds. Out Of The Dust shows a personal and unique style that brings Hior Chroniks music to a wider audience.


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