:zoviet*france: – Popular Soviet Songs and Youth Music (3xLP+7″)


Artist: :zoviet*france:
Label: Vinyl on Demand
Format: 3xLP+7"

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Triple-LP + 7″ from Vinyl On Demand’s boxset, Chasse Recordings 1982-87. Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music was originally released in 1985. Having willfully obscured themselves in Newcastle upon Tyne since their inception in 1980, Zoviet France developed a radical relationship with cheap technologies, homemade acoustic instruments, primitive looping and sampling techniques, and basic dub trickery from which the group has crafted a distinctly unique vocabulary of sonic hypnosis.

Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI:
01. Duir
02. Zonë
03. Straif (La Mère Du Bois) Z Estrif
04. White Track (Fire Frost)
05. Veil
06. Pesach
07. Decoy
08. Yezidi
09. добрый день

Yezidi Circle Trap:
10. Signal
11. Sidi
12. Birch Brake
13. Sein
14. Spin (Hellisein)
15. Tan-Tal
16. Ma-Ja
17. Whip
18. Veil
19. Fearn

Break And Snout:
20. Sidhe (Riuben)
21. Marsh
22. Swine
23. Marsh
24. Signal (Circe)
25. Migration
26. Burning Bush
27. Sheol
28. Veil (Sloe Semen)
29. Signal

30. Chrim Ela
31. Chirm Geis
32. Chirm Aliso
33. Shewel
34. Yezidi (Say)


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