Muslimgauze – Salaam Alekum, Bastard (2xLP)


Artist: Muslimgauze
Label: Kvitnu

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It was not so long time ago in history of modern music, when influence of musicians on society was tectonic. When artist’s statement or position could impact the political situation in a country or sometimes even worldwide. When secret services like KGB, Mossad or CIA would consider some musicians as seriously dangerous for their agenda, because of artist’s influence on audience’s minds. When in some countries listening to forbidden bands could lead a person to appear in a concentration camp or even killed. When artist’s names would be an inspiration and a symbol of fight for freedom.

It was also a time when artists would not censor themselves and their position in fear of being obstructed and hunted by mob for political incorrectness. When artistic freedom to honestly express their subjective views, no matter how harsh or extremely reactive the form of expression could be, was more valuable than any possible concerns or fear to hurt anyone’s feelings. When hurting feelings would mean that provocation reached it’s goal. When idea of speaking out their subjective truth had the highest value for artists, as one of true meanings of art.

It was a time when music was not safe.

And for us Muslimgauze is definitely one of those artists, whose honesty was neither safe nor correctly comfortable, but still endlessly inspiring.

And the idea of “music as a weapon” became the keystone for this release’s cover artwork.

1. Salaam Alekum, Bastard 07:26
2. Dome Of The Rock 10:12
3. Hebron Massacre (Short Mix) 11:55
4. Caste The First Stone 04:42
5. Poona Eunuch (Zealot Mix) 02:12
6. Haramzada 10:01
7. Mandarin Guerilla 06:36
8. Cairopraktar 04:10
9. Salaam Alekum, Bastard 06:00

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