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Artist: Wire
Label: Pink Flag
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Available in 3 physical formats, CD, Vinyl and Special Edition – a hard backed 80 page case bound book, with text by Graham Duff, extended credits, lyrics, brand new interviews and exclusive colour photographs as well as the CD itself.

Silver/Lead is the 15th studio album from musical pioneers Wire. It arrives on the 40th anniversary of their debut per- formance. Yet its about as far from nostalgia as you could get. This is the sound of a uniquely addictive 21st century psychedelic post-punk. Colin Newman and Matt Simms guitar work is alternately jagged and luminous, while bassist Graham Lewiss ear-catching lyrics are vivid yet oblique. Meanwhile, drummer Robert Grey provides a virtual master- class in percussive minimalism. But its how the various instruments mesh together that really counts. And Newmans production creates a sonic space in which even the smallest gesture is accorded some recognition.

Highlights include the optimistic dazzle of Diamonds In Cups, with its almost T. Rex-style buzz and chug, and the moody swing of This Time. Elsewhere on the musical spectrum, theres the menacing widescreen grandeur of Playing Harp for the Fishes and breakneck-paced guitar pop of Short Elevated Period.

Wire are one of the worlds most ground-breaking bands, their influence acknowledged by bands as diverse as Blur, Sonic Youth, R.E.M. and Savages. But they have never been interested in exploiting past glories. For Wire, there is only ever one possible direction: forwards. So its perhaps not surprising that over recent years, theyve played strings of sold-out shows, achieved career-best record sales, and been cited as a strong influence by yet another generation of bands.

Wires last three albums garnered nothing but rave reviews. From 2013s strangely beautiful Change Becomes Us (Its fantastic. Pitchfork) to the crackling motorik of 2015s Wire (Its all really well turned, potent and crisp. The Guardian), and last years punchy mini-album Nocturnal Koreans (It’s a cracker and sounds defiantly modern. The Quietus). Consequently, although it may be being released on the bands 40th anniversary, Silver/Lead is an album which has nothing to do with the past and everything to do with the future.

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