Soul Explosion, The – Soul Fire (CD)


Artist: Soul Explosion, The
Format: CD
Label: Granadilla Music

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2015 release. Granadilla Music present a reissue of The Soul Explosion’s Soul Fire, originally released in 1968. Detroit? Chicago? Well, no not at all. This 1968 release came from a German band playing some lush and dynamic soul pop with an emotionally exalted vocal style reminiscent of Tom Jones at times. The songs range from powerfully onward grooving booty shakers, to striking melodic tunes with great, enlightening chorus lines. After listening, you will realize these folks had a sense for the classic beat music of just a few years prior to this release. But since The Soul Explosion spice up everything with a dark and brooding back street club atmosphere at the right moment, they could do what they wanted and they always sounded exciting and fresh. It’s hard to tell the difference between these krauts and any popular British or North American act in their genre. There is passion, sheer lust, a wild, animalistic drive, and a mesmerizing, ongoing groove. Technically, this is a really solid group that knows when to let loose, but they keep the energy flow under control. Fanatics of soul and early rock fusion from the ’60s will go insane. Soul Fire strikes your deepest inner self and sets your spirit aflame. The melodies are amazing and the rhythms shake you with an inescapable, everlasting pulse. Think of later-day Animals, The Four Tops, and The Equals, all thrown into a mixer on full-throttle.


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