Spyra – Staub (CD)


Artist: Spyra
Label: Butterfly Collectors
Format: CD

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Spyra is a German musician and producer from Berlin, who has made numerous records in more than a decade, including releases with Dr. Alex Paterson, Hyperium Records, Fax Records and Manikin Records. His interpretation of post-electronic is a well-tempered mix of Krautrock-infused sequences accompanied by modern, neo-classic melody structures. Staub is not a memory of what Spyra has accomplished in the past, it presents modern live electronic elements with modern rhythms, building something epic and unexpected towards the finish line. The centerpieces on this album are “Staub” and “Flur.” All pieces on Staub have been recorded during live performances in the middle of the night. Rather than being a slave to the machine, he seems to just let go, without a safety net or a double bottom. Spyra is reinventing himself with his new record and currently, there are almost no notable German producers creating such brilliantly odd pieces of music. The German label Butterfly Collectors based in Haldern and Cologne release Staub in association with Indigo Distribution. About the making of Staub: “Somewhere, at some time, I started experimenting with an old Juno 6 and fell in love with sequences all over again. Apparently all ordered and logical, but then, the more I played and the deeper I listened, the more chaotic and unpredictable their sound became. Late in 2013 I started to record my sessions. Always in the middle of the night while the city was falling asleep. Changing cities in Berlin, Warsaw, Uzhgorod, Cologne, filled my head with child-like inspiration. At last, I was back, dreamily, in my element.”


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