Bo Diddley/Little Walter/Muddy Waters – Super Blues (CD)


Artist: Bo Diddley, Little Walter, Muddy Waters
Label: Get On Down
Format: CD

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In 1968, Chess Records’ lesser known subsidiary Checker Records engaged in an interesting experiment. Perhaps inspired by similar blues super groups such as Cream and Steampacket, or 1964’s Two Great Guitars, which paired Bo Diddley recording alongside Chuck Berry, Checker brought together some of the best artists in their roster – Diddley, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter – to combine their talents into an album of hard-hitting, soulful Chicago blues. The three bluesmen were brought together by legendary R&B producer Ralph Bass to record Super Blues, an informal jam session which featured a backing band of blues greats such as Buddy Guy on guitar, and Otis Spann on piano. Critics remain divided over the merits of Super Blues as an album, but most agree it occupies a remarkable place in history both as an experiment and as a shape of things to come. Recorded at a time when electric blues’ influence on the mainstream was at its height, shades of Waters & Bo’s future proto-funk experimentation can be heard throughout Super Blues’ rough-at-the-seams, yet still loose and relaxed tracks.


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