End, The – Tears In My Eyes (1983-1985) (CD)


Artist: End, The
Format: CD
Label: Spittle

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Spittle Records present a compilation titled Tears In My Eyes (1983-1985) focusing on the Italian band The End. “The name was simple and maybe not so original, but very appropriate for a band active in provincial Italy of the early ’80s. A band playing British post-punk inspired songs with English lyrics and a focus on man’s existential crisis. Nothing to do with gothic or dark as we used to call it in Italy, in fact even if the boys (all under 20 at the time they got together in 1983) liked dressing in black and playing dark atmospheric music, they had little in common with the kind of morbid imagination so typical in the genre. Let’s say they were more into Joy Division than Bauhaus, more Factory than 4AD, and definitely more Hacienda than Batcave. The band didn’t last long though, just little more than two years, a short but intense period characterized by continuous changes within a total of nine different members (a process aided by the compulsory military service of the time). Thanks to the group’s meticulous documentation activity, such kind of works in progress are now summarized in this record that after 30 years from their break up, comes to fix the lack of a proper discography. The band’s complete time frame is fully represented by these 70 minutes of unearthed material. In fact if we exclude the four track demo, most of this CD consists of very private and never heard before recordings. I’m very sure that after listening to this music, post-punk aficionados around the world will approve of the group, and this comprehensive document.” –Federico Guglielmi, April 2017


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