Don Cherry/John Coltrane – The Avant-Garde (LP)


Artist: Don Cherry, John Coltrane
Label: Doxy
Format: LP

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Recorded during the summer of 1960, this legendary LP is a milestone of free-jazz history. Joining John Coltrane and Don Cherry are essentially the rest of the members of the Ornette Coleman Quartet: Ed Blackwell (drums) and Charlie Haden (bass) on “Cherryco” and “The Blessing,” as well as Percy Heath (bass) on the remaining three selections. This is fitting, as over half of the album consists of early Coleman compositions. Coltrane’s integration into this band works with some extraordinarily fresh results. Neither Cherry nor Coltrane makes any radical departures on this album; however, it’s the ability of each to complement the other both in terms of modal style and — perhaps more importantly — texture that lends heavily to the success of these sides.


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