Various Artists – The Beat from Badsville Vol. 2: More Trash Classics from Lux and Ivy’s Vinyl Mountain (CD)


Artist: Various Artists
Label: Stag-O-Lee
Format: CD

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Originally released on a double 10″ vinyl album in February 2013, here’s the CD version of the second volume of the Beat from Badsville series. Contains the same songs as the 2×10″ vinyl. “Music is a voyage of strange opportunity. Out there, if you look hard enough, you’ll find crazed visionaries, half-deaf creatives, lunatics let loose with whistles, juvenile delinquents with a notepad and pen and people who, quite frankly, have no time for the theory of pop. Thank God! This collection brings together two dozen songs by such people — tunes that don’t fall into any easy categories and give short shrift to the context of ‘classic’ or traditional songwriting. As usual with Beat from Badsville, the collection is divided into four ‘themes’ — this time we have: ‘Spooky Doo Wop and Insane Harmonies’; ‘Angry Babes Getting Even’; ‘Rumbling Rhythms and Wildcat Whistling’; Chickens and Other Party Animals.’ This is the stuff of legend, the Beat from Badsville. All of these tunes have been raved over by The Cramps’ legendary Lux and Ivy through various radio shows and interviews over the years. Capturing the excitement that comes from discovering a spine-tingling or simply ‘out there’ record, Lux and Ivy have inspired many a generation to dig deep in the crates and uncover all kinds of strange music. This collection is an exotic trip into the off-kilter world of recordings, many of them independent, which sprang up all over the U.S. during the ’50s. It’s filled with sounds that will stop you in your tracks and the best news is, there’s so much more out there. Keep digging.” –Dave Henderson, MOJO


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