Various Artists – The Britxotica! Box: Three Amazing Albums Of Primitive Pop And Savage Jazz From The Wild British Isles! (CD Box)


Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD Box
Label: Trunk

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At last, all three killer Britxotica! LPs now available as a three CD box set. So that’s 48 super rare and extraordinary exotic British masterpieces over three genre-defining albums. Britxotica! (pronounced “Britzotica”) neatly describes an odd and yet undocumented pre-Beatles British musical scene where famed UK composers, as well as unknown singers and bandleaders, threw convention on holiday and went wild. For this very special box set Trunk have gathered the first three amazing and groundbreaking Britxotica! albums. Thought up and put together by legendary “smashing” DJ and co- creator of The Sound Gallery (1995) Martin Green and maverick collector Jonny Trunk, here are 48 incredible, unusual, inspiring, and super rare British tracks, set across these three magical and very different albums: Britxotica! London’s Rarest Primitive Pop and Savage Jazz (JBH 057LP, 2015), Britxotica Goes East!: Persian Pop And Casbah Jazz From The Wild British Isles! (JBH 059LP, 2016), Tropical Britxotica! Polynesian Pop And Placid Jazz From The Wild British Isles! (JBH 062LP, 2016). So sit back, relax and let Britxotica! take you to musical places you have only ever dreamed of. Comes in a clamshell box; Each CD comes in a slipcase – a mini replica of the original vinyl LPs: the classic black and white Britxotica! post-war exotic style; Includes an eight-page booklet with comprehensive notes about the artists, bandleaders, and all the forgotten Britxotica! stars. Features: Lyn Cornell, Ted Heath, Allan Bruce, Rawicz and Landauer, Lucille Mapp, Sounds Incorporated, Nadia Cattouse, Brian Fahey, Tony Mansell and Johnny Dankworth, Reg Owen, Harry H Corbett, Laurie Johnson Orchestra, Edmundo Ros, Maxine Daniels, Cherry Wainer, Jerry Allen, Beverley Sisters, Chico Arnez, Stanley Black, Johnny Keating and the Z Men, Charles Blackwell, Philip Green and His Mayfair Orchestra, Kenny Day, Tony Osborne, Johnny Keating Kombo, Laurie Johnson, Roy Tierney, Ray Ellington, Frank Weir, The Sound of Ed White, Ron Goodwin, Geoff Love, Marion Ryan, Dick Katz, George Melly and Kenny Graham, International ‘Pops’ All Stars, Johnny Gentle, Kenny Graham, Betty Smith and The Malcolm Lockyer Group, Martinas and His Music, and Norrie Paramor.


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