Nacht Plank/Solipsism – The Cerenarian Sea (CD)


Artist: Nacht Plank, Solipsism
Label: Databloem
Format: CD

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The sound of The Cerenerian Sea is drone-based but with an emphasis on melody and the imaginative use of noise, glitches, and samples to create and enhance the atmosphere. An atmosphere that isn’t quite dark but isn’t quite light either … more a mysterious otherworldly twilight ambience. Solipsism is Craig Murphy, an experimental musician and recording artist from Glasgow in Scotland. His eclectic style and unorthodox methods has seen Murphy release on a variety of labels over the years in several genres and his music has been featured on major radio stations such as BBC Radio 1. Nacht Plank is Lee Norris, the man also behind acclaimed projects Metamatics, Autumn of Communion and Norken. Nacht Plank is where Norris allows himself to experiment the most, abandoning carefully designed beats in favour of long sections and dusty soundscapes, as showcased on this intriguing and challenging CD album.


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