David Moufang/Pete Namlook – The Evolution of Move D/Namlook (CD)



Artist: David Moufang, Pete Namlook
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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After having created twenty Move D · Namlook collaborations between 1996 and 2009 it was time for Dave and Pete to celebrate. Showing the evolution of their music, this compilation CD is a demonstration of their unequalled organic composition style. Environmental, House, Ambient, Ethno, Elektro and Chill-Out are only a few styles they used and partly influenced with their music. Both are labelowners and started in the same year (1992) with their labels and ambient/chill-out releases. Neither of them is the leader of this musical relationship; it is completely interwoven creativity that gives birth to every of their CDs. This album is not only a compilation, it is also a new CD on its own that evolves from track to track and unfolds this outstanding musical piece without interruption from the start to the end of its 79+ minutes length.


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