Richard H. Kirk – The Many Dimensions of Richard H. Kirk (CD Box)


Artist: Richard H. Kirk
Label: Intone
Format: CD Box

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This collection of recordings by Richard H Kirk is now released as a 3xCD box set by Die Stadt, in association with and under license from Intone. The box set contains the three albums for the first time on CD: Richard H Kirk’s Reality Is Opposite (guitars, breakbeats, electronics and digital interference in the sound of insurrection), Orchestra Terrestrial’s Umladen classical analogue mood music) and Richard H Kirk And The Arpeggio 13’s Anonymized (minimalist analogue arpeggio workouts). All three albums were recorded between October 2010 and December 2011 and were strongly influenced by certain events happening in the UK and across the globe (with an ear and an eye to the news media) as cities around the world were in turmoil. Starting with student unrest in London in November 2010, the Arab Spring in December of 2010 and full on rioting later in London again in August 2011 after police shot and killed an unarmed man. The streets were on fire again and it seems they continue to burn as pockets of unrest erupt globally. Richard H Kirk is a co-founder and now sole member of electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire and in 2013 he celebrated 40 years as an audio/visual artist.


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