Cliff Stapleton & Friends Present – The Tumbling Of Creatures: Music For The Hurdy-Gurdy (CD)


Artist: Cliff Stapleton & Friends Present
Format: CD
Label: Woodbird

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The Tumbling Of Creatures features twelve pieces of music written and performed by hurdy-gurdy virtuoso Cliff Stapleton, recorded between 1984 and 2014 with various bands and theater companies. Stapleton’s compositions, and his interplay with other artists, reveal his remarkable creative life with this ancient instrument, the hurdy-gurdy: from the powerful folk-dance of Blowzabella to the cosmic invocations of Coil and Cyclobe. These vibrant recordings showcase the immense wealth of texture and melodic variation which Stapleton brings to his collaborations across different idioms. Also very much in evidence is his talent for catchy and enthralling melodies: spiraling and circling to the omnipresent drone of the instrument, his tunes draw the listener mind and body into an enchanted world of rapture and elation. Also features: Angles, The Drones, Primæval, The Duellists, Bron Bradshaw, Sylvia Hallett and Clive Bell.


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