Arthur Russell – Tower Of Meaning (LP)


Artist: Arthur Russell
Label: Audika Records
Format: LP

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Arthur’s epic minimalist orchestral composition conducted by the late Julius Eastman. Stunningly beautiful, mercurial, and moving. The transcendental, ephemeral soundscape originally intended for theatrical performance. First released in 1983 on Chatham Square. The Audika release replicates the original artwork with remastered audio. “Almost medievally pure music in which tone combinations of two or three notes tuned to modal/raga scales are played by various instrumental groups. There is a love of listening to the pure combinations per se, as they are delivered at a regular, moderate pace…then, unpredictably, rich or dissonant chords will be held that open your mind’s ear, and take your breath away….the sudden ceasing of the music at certain points also has a similar effect.” –‘Blue’ Gene Tyranny


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