Armchair Migraine Journey/Edward Ka-Spel – Transmit Acoustique Abstraction 3 (CD)


Artist: Armchair Migraine Journey, Edward Ka-Spel
Label: Beta-Lactam Ring
Format: CD

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“Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Three” consists of two long long pieces. The first, “Infernal Machine”, is a collaboration between Edward Ka-Spel and Armchair Migraine Journey. The 18 minute track dives deeply into a psychedelic swirl of sounds, with Edward’s voice featured prominently. The second track, “Strands that Bind”, is by Armchair Migraine Journey, with Ty Hodson and Randall Frazier.  The music submerges itself slowly into a sea of ambient drones and passages, developing along its 24-minute journey into an almost Metal Machine Music dirge.

The CD was released on September 15, 2016, to coincide with the North American tour of The Legendary Pink Dots and Orbit Service. It was made in an edition of 150 copies, of which 111 copies were sold on the tour, with the remaining 39 copies reserved for mail order sales. Packaged in a French Black six panel CD case.

1. Infernal Machine: Edward Ka-Spel – vocals, synth noodling / AMJ – drones, synths, processing / Ty Hodson – drums, vocoder, processing / Mixed by AMJ and Ty Hodson

2. Strands That Bind: Ty Hodson – guitar, drums, synths, processing / AMJ – synths, drones, theremin / Randall Frazier – The Voice of …? / Mixed by AMJ and Ty Hodson (Includes deconstructed elements of ‘Magnetic Blood Drowning’ with Peat Bog (Earthmonkey) and Randall Frazier (Orbit Service))


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