Klaus Schulze & Solar Moon – Ultimate Docking (2CD)


Artist: Klaus Schulze & Solar Moon
Format: 2CD
Label: Made In Germany

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New release of the remarkable Klaus Schulze & Solar Moon System album Docking (long sought after and once released in the strictly limited wooden 10CD boxset Contemporary Works ), advanced with unpublished material from the original Klaus Schulze/Solar Moon System sessions. This 2CD album became an Ultimate Docking definitely. It was a surprise when Klaus Schulze called out of the blue some late night in year Y2K Solar Moon System. A few days later they met Klaus in his infamous recording studio somewhere in the woods of northern Germany. After talking and ‘vibing’ for hours, they started to initiate the ‘docking sequence’ by putting on one of the typical Solar Moon System beats in a loop. Klaus joined in with one of his beloved Moogs. Ultimate Docking showcases/documents a space rendezvous of a different kind right at the very point of reaching the same orbit… which neither of them would have known existed before they even met. Listening back now to what they created 17 years ago, they remember mystical moments, supernatural feelings and a space station with all cockpit lights and gadgets on high alert.


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