What Our Customers Are Saying…

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“Best box full of music that I’ve ever received.” –Mike Hanson

“As always, it’s a real pleasure doing business with you. You take care of customers in a way that very few do–and it doesn’t go unnoticed.” –Brian Frick, Madison, WI

“Over the past ten years or so I have been regularly purchasing CDs from EAR/Rational, and I have been consistently pleased with your catalog, your prices and your customer service. There is nowhere else I’d rather buy my music.  You consistently have access to the farthest reaches of the musical spectrum, consistently providing engaging and challenging entertainment. I turn to EAR/Rational when it’s time to invest in my music collection. Thank you for providing a great service and a good value.” –Bryan Fischer, Sherwood, OR

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks for the latest shipment of music. I know some of this stuff has been months in the ordering, but I do love getting a pile of new music all at once. For me, it’s like Christmas every few months. Thanks for continuing to be one of the few places I can always find some truly original and enjoyable music. You made my week!!” –David W., San Diego, CA

“The notion of having a building pile is a huge advantage over other places I might order from. I see two new CDs I want this week, I order them. Three next week, I order them. Eventually, the pile gets big enough (or whenever I want to have them mailed, actually) and I get what I wanted…stuff still coming in I’ll get later too. Compare that to an order I might make from another vendor. I look at what’s available, make an order…I get everything that is there from my list at that moment. I can’t say ‘Hey, wait till that new disc I want shows up next week.’ I can’t write in and say ‘Hey, I really want to get that new limited Schulze disc, so put it aside and I’ll order some more stuff next week.’ Nearly everywhere else I order, an order is an event that happens at one moment in time–at that moment you get what’s available. But with the EAR/Rational system, I get to order both immediately AND continuously. It is hard to express how much superior this is.” –Bob C., Michigan

“Your response further reinforces my dedication to buying music from EAR/Rational, even when I can get it elsewhere. Although we’ve had a few weird things happen with orders over the years, you’ve been terrific to work with and any problem is dealt with quickly.” –Jim Laser, Kalamazoo, MI

“Where else could I find things like a CD of Northern Lights magnetic field recordings, or recordings of the wind blowing through metal wreckage in the Utah/Nevada desert, along with the more normal music CDs?…I thought those were either out-of-print or, if still available, out of my price range. Your selection of CDs has allowed me to broaden my already eclectic taste in music even more. Much appreciated. Thank you.” –Philip Clayberg

“I have been buying CDs from Ear/Rational since 1995. In the past 8 years [N.B. this quote was sent to us in 2003] I have purchased a lot of music from a lot of different online sources, but you are consistently the most reliable, have the best selection, the lowest prices, and the best customer service. Keep up the good work!” –Jesse Baird

“I’ve spent a great deal of money at EAR/Rational since 1996. And while I’ve also spent plenty of money at other music stores over the years (mostly local independent CD stores), you’re #1 in my book, and that’s not likely to change.” –Steve Dolphyn, Buford, GA

“I reflected on my CD collection recently and realized that you were responsible for a serious bulk of it. I’ve been ordering from you since the summer of 1998 and you’ve always had exemplary customer service that goes beyond expectations. It’s weird because internet shopping is just so common now but people who like leftfield music take this new availability for granted. It wasn’t always easy to get your paws on these albums but you made it possible long before labels like Warp and Rephlex started to get sweet distribution.” –John Counts, Springfield, MO

“When the mail guy brings my EAR/Rational package to me I reach towards it like a tired swimmer approaching a raft and crank up the life-sustaining headphones.” –Jeff J., Oregon

“CDs arrived extremely quickly. Thanks again for a superb service, from order to delivery to after sales service.” –Harry H., Norfolk, UK

“I’ve never dealt with an online store with such quick and, should I say, organic replies to questions! You guys are great.” –Andrew K., Illinois

“You guys are seriously the best online shop I’ve ever purchased from.” –Graham Sutherland, Saskatchewan, Canada

“As always, I have to tell you how great you’ve been at keeping me up to date on my orders and the occasional complication. I see the quotes on your website and I know they’re all true. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks again.” –Kevin Sullivan

“The number one reason I enjoy ordering from EAR/Rational is you. EAR/Rational is the only music store I shop at where I get actual personal service. When I email you with a special request I almost always have a response within a day, sometimes within hours.” –Larry H., San Francisco, CA

“Ordering with EAR has been an outstanding experience. And I have to thank you for your attentiveness and patience. Keep up the hard work!” –Anthony Leong, Melbourne, Australia

“I always enjoy getting packages from you guys. Obviously you pursue a no-frills approach, which means that I can feel comfortable that you have kept your overhead low and my costs down. I think it is smart that you reuse packing materials, so much so that you influenced me to keep and reuse my packing materials to ship my books to clients. Some people may think it’s tacky that you reuse packing envelopes, etc.–I think it is an environmentally and economically sound practice.” –Bryan Fischer, Sherwood, OR