Mick Chillage – A Distant Reflection (CD)


Artist: Mick Chillage
Label: Before and After Silence
Format: CD

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A Distant Reflection was originally written and recorded in 2020 and was originally released as a long form digital release only. Clocking in at almost 60 minutes long “A Distant Reflection” explores the relationship between deep shifting atmospheric synth drones, unusual found sounds/field recordings and emotive improvised key sections that bring a sense of stillness and subtle emotional impact.

Upon its original release the feedback from various supporters was very strong and it has been of those digital pieces that some have requested a physical CD release on a few occasions and as a personal favourite I felt it was time to release it on CD.

For this 2023 CD release I decided to return to the track and I have made some subtle changes to the mix and arrangement. the addition of further stereo enhancement, additional FX sweeps giving it a more dream like essence in certain moments and changing the end with the reappearance of the improvised piano as the track fades away.

To fill the CD I’ve also included to brand new compositions which I feel compliment the title track but also stand on their own as shorter pieces.


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