New Composers – Advanced Indigo (CD)


Artist: New Composers
Label: Fax
Format: CD

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Russia’s Electronic Music formation surprise us with their fresh Ethno Chill sound. As the first and best chill-out group of their country whose last release on FAX even featured Brian Eno fills the listener with enthusiasm. A fresh combination of oriental instrumentation combined with chill-out beats that bear no dogma, no superficial “cut’n’click” hunting. Everything sounds warm, logical and full of Russian soul. A perfect addition to the team of Valery Alakhov and Igr. Ver is the Sitar, Flute and Duduk instruentalist S. Gasanov whose lush and soulful melodic lines communicate with the synths, beats and samples of Valery and Igr just perfectly.

CD tracks:

  1. Phantom Ships and Strange Voices 7.59
  2. Invisible Assailants 5.17
  3. Encounters with Aliens 7.14
  4. Spontaneous Human Combustion 7.05
  5. Levitation Flight 7.28
  6. Lightning Pictures 5.55
  7. Miraculous Provisions 3.38
  8. Electric People 3.54
  9. Practical Witchcraft 5.48
  10. Spectral Mutilators 7.35


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