Indigo Egg – Aten (CD)


Artist: Indigo Egg
Format: CD
Label: ...txt
Release Date: 2018-04-30

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Ishq morphs into Indigo Egg whilst evaporating Ringo Starr with a laser gun in favour of Miles Davis style drumatronics to create an album of eqyptronica and psytropic tripped beats, sounds and vortextural anomalies.

A spaceship ride across Noospheric dimensions.

Channeled directly from the mind’s eye of Sun Ra on for this momentous occasion, Indigo Egg creates an album of deep moods, heartwarming novelty and the sound of tropical sunrises on distance planets + a hint of the extraterrestrial DNA we all know and love.

It’s in us all, it’s music from another dimension designed to take you back in time to a future we have yet to behold.

Limited to 150 copies.


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