Mick Chillage – Brain Oscillations (CD)


Artist: Mick Chillage
Label: Before and After Silence
Format: CD

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Brain Oscillations is a return perhaps to a more Ambient Space Music aesthetic after the rather organic and poignant piano based “Urban Nature” although I would consider this more like head space music.

The initial impetus of this release was born from the sad passing of Klaus Schulze an artist that was synonymous with the “Kosmische Musik” of the early 70’s and someone who was very much regarded as one of the true pioneers of this music which spawned from the early experimental kraut rock movement in Germany.

The passing of Klaus had shocked and moved the electronic music scene across the board, his trademark hypnotic sequences had left a huge influence on the dance music scene that emerged in the 80’s and continues today which is why he was given the hefty title of “The Godfather Of Techno” but there was so much more to his music than this.

So, upon his passing I found myself revisiting some of his works and reading the liner notes of a particular album Klaus had described his style of music creation as “Brain Oscillations” this very distinct & descriptive term got me thinking about possible music that may inspire me and perhaps be my own homage to his influence.

At first I thought it would probably be just one piece of music if I was lucky enough to get inspired. The first track I created which is the opening piece was born from the deep ascending shifting poly synth sound I had created from on my Prophet Rev2 that appears at the twelve minute mark. I turned to my trusty Moog Grandmother and built up a selection of various modulated frequencies, these formed the slowly developing intro of the track as more sustained poly drones & classic sounding synth parts etc were added. The bones of track one was developed in one evening.

I also made a conscious decision not to use any sequenced synth parts as I felt this would have been the most obvious element to emulate but instead to use lengthy poly synth chords, drones, keys, leads and wild synth modulations that suggest a burst of neuron activity or that may stimulate the mind on a sensory & emotional level.

Luckily this mindset of creative thinking led me to completing two other tracks within a short time frame which I felt had a strong continuous theme.

For KS.

Equipment used on this album.

Dave Smith Prophet Rev2
Moog Grandmother
Korg MS20 Mini
Emu ESI 4000 sampler
Electro Magnetic contact Mic
Acoustic Guitar
Ableton Live 10 for audio sequences mix and digital FX & treatments


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