Ithaki – Cornerstone (CD Box)



Artist: Ithaki
Label: ...txt
Format: CD Box

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“Cornerstone”, the debut solo album from Italian sound artist Andrea Bellucci under his new “Ithaki” moniker presents us with a unique mix of lush haunting ambience and meticulously crafted downtempo glitch IDM.

Fans of Andrea’s collaboration project, ILUITEQ (With Sergio Calzoni) will find instant familiarity of sound in the ambient works with the album “Soundtracks For Winter Departures”.

Juxtaposed amongst these organic textures lie a stark complex intertwining of both analogue and digital rhythms, deep basses and futuristic soundscapes… all further enhanced by careful analogue mixing and valve mastering by blackparticle.

Laser cut and etched bespoke wood and perspex CD boxed set. Glass mastered and silk-screened CD. This edition comes with a unique oil painting, monotype screen print and wooden TXT coaster.


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