Nacht Plank – Cosmic Crowbar (2CD)


Artist: Nacht Plank
Format: 2CD
Label: Databloem

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Lee Norris is a multi-talented electronic wizard from the UK, known for his various solo projects (Metamatics, Norken) and collaborations (Autumn of Communion, Ishqamatics). For this Databloem release Nacht Plank is the moniker, showcasing the edgy, glitchy side of Lee’s Ambient Explorations. CD 1 is filled with two episodes of “Notes from an Open Window”, previously released as a uber- limited, do-it-yourself release through Australian Twice Removed label, which sadly had to close down in 2015. This pair of long-form Ambient Drone beauty belong to Nacht Plank’s finest Ambient works up to date. The second, 65 minute disc presents two cherry picked tracks from Nacht Plank’s rich digital archives and of which we fully believe deserve to be released on CD! The Crowbar closes with a tickling, brand new track exclusively composed for this occasion.


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