Gabriel Le Mar – Flashin’ On (CD)


Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
Format: CD
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Release Date: 2017-04-28

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Everybody knows Gabriel Le Mar has been into dub electronica with his project Saafi Brothers since years and many inspiring albums made up their way to the musically likeminded listeners.

His new album “Flashin’ On” is a true follow-up of Gabriel’s chilled and beatless “Stripped” album, which is also released on Carpe Sonum Novum/US.

“Stripped” is more on the experimental side and shows how minimal dubby sound can be.

On “Flashin’ On” floating guitar vibes breathe electronic beats and dub future drumming. All songs ridin’ on Gabriel’s deeply emotive guitar, finding their deepness in melodies and create an atmospheric feel – feel the same way!

Catchy calm ‘scapes and songstructures are the elements of this pretty soulful new Gabriel Le Mar work.


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