Resilience – Forgotten World (CD)



Artist: Resilience
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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Galaxies like grains of sand. Warm worlds and otherwise. The word for world is forest. Yes, all the aforementioned are titles of classic science fiction works (by Brian Aldiss, James Tiptree, Jr., and Ursula K. LeGuin, respectively), and all mirror the elegaic soundworlds conjured by Resilience. A collaboration between Carpe Sonum artists Eric “the” Taylor and Si Matthews, their debut Forgotten World indeed resurrects eons past and the lurch of gigantic beings stirring amidst the undergrowth. With synths the volcanic color of atmospheric rust, nascent pads and passing electronic rainshowers percolate through the twilight of the semi-ominous, semi-reflective title track, a snapshot of long-gone triassic still-lifes. “Rising Heat and Steam” makes the most of Pete Namlook’s desire to foment ‘environmental mood music’, and as such, is a work of the highest order, mildly unnerving oozes curdling amidst the irising filters of a thousand plangent synths. Both Taylor and Matthews have quite a refined artistic sense of drama, emotions that are at play throughout and set the stage for some post-Tangerine Dream majesty during the near-five minute orchestrated hush of “Sustain”. Those looking for a wonderfully vivid combination of the organic and synthetic, of the expansive and sublime, could do worse than spending a cool evening lost on Resilience’s stark and ever-evolving stage.


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