Mick Chillage – Inter-Dimensional Guidance (CD)


Artist: Mick Chillage
Label: Before and After Silence
Format: CD

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Inter-Dimensional Guidance was written & recorded in Autumn of 2022, it was one of those albums that seemed to arrive almost out of nowhere.

Most of the time when I create music I prefer to start with a blank canvas with no real preconceived idea of what i want to achieve. The title track started out as just an experiment with my Moog Grandmother, creating drones that shift in tone by using the modulation matrix and the mod wheel to accurately achieve the desired tone and add movement.

Once I had arrived at the various desired drones I captured these in audio and then I instinctively edited and played what you hear as the track progresses.

The title track was pretty much written arranged and recorded over two nights, this was definitely the impetus to an unaware trajectory of creativity that continued over the following two weeks or so where the four following tracks emerged and I began to realise that a potential thematic album had emerged, almost as if I had been guided by an unknown outside force.

The themes within the album appear to be somewhat mysterious, otherworldly and perhaps those that explore other dimensions and spaces. It’s strange that this album came together just as I was ready to release the newly mixed version of my FAXology album, is “Inter-Dimensional Guidance” the result of a subconscious desire to fulfil an often requested sequel to the album FAXology?

Maybe or maybe not.
Either way I hope you enjoy my latest deep & explorative album!

Mick Chillage
February 2023


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