Mick Chillage – Jouhatsu (CD)


Artist: Mick Chillage
Label: Before and After Silence
Format: CD

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Jouhatsu (Japanese: 蒸発, “evaporation”) or johatsu refers to the people in Japan who purposely vanish from their established lives without a trace. However this phenomenon can be seen all over the world.

A recent conversation with a friend on social media led me to a documentary on YouTube which focused on the culture which is prevalent in Japan, it followed various peoples stories;

Those who have arranged their own evaporation and those who are searching for missing loved ones, I found these accounts to be incredibly sad yet fascinating, that in this modern age of information that someone could start a completely new life without a trace.

This phenomenon of Jouhatsu resonated with me & various tracks that I composed after viewing the documentary seemed to be of a similar tone/emotion, almost reflecting what It must be like for those forced into such drastic measures to leave a life & loved ones behind, to start again and also not forgetting the turmoil & anguish of those left in the dark regarding the whereabouts of someone they care about.

The seven distinct pieces of “Jouhatsu” appear to tell a story of their own, although I was not particularly aware of this during the creative process. It was sitting down and selecting the various works that I began to realise that a coherent sonic narrative had developed.

Written, produced, recorded & mastered by Michael Gainford at the Igloo Dublin spring 2021

Yonigeya [Night Moving] 07:07
Hopelessly Searching 03:38
No One Calling 21:09
A New Day A New Life 06:40
Fukatu 18:07
Sekentai 08:04
Never Returning 10:28


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