Faex Optim – Let’s Pretend (CD)


Artist: Faex Optim
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Format: CD

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I found myself drifting off to the spacey daydreamy melodies and then wondering, “which Boards album is this?—oh yeah…” It’s literally that dead-on. That said, to appreciate the album for what it is, it doesn’t exactly copy any particular existing BoC songs, it’s almost imagining a post-Campfire Headphase—lost tracks—release that never happened. Each piece will remind you ever so slightly of something you’ve heard before, but will ultimately take you somewhere new and reveal itself to be its own, unique entity. In some ways the beats are a bit more forward and punchier and the overall track selection is more like if you cherry-picked the greatest / catchiest hits versus a typical meandering album—making this a great and singular work in and of itself. –Clint Anderson, Igloo Magazine


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