Mick Chillage – Night Works (CD)



Artist: Mick Chillage
Label: ...txt
Format: CD

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Re-released on glass mastered CD by demand from the …txt mailing list.

This is part of all the CDR albums reissued on the label.

Limited to just 100 glass mastered CDs.

Night Works conveys a range of emotions that the closing twilight hours can often bring. Deep soundscapes shift like moonlight as shadows in darkness crawl across a lost landscape. Occasionally there’s a sense of melodic comfort, like being cocooned in the warm atmosphere of your own home while some moments invite you to venture outside to witness the nocturnal activities of a vast darkness. Like a storm from nowhere, strange unidentified frequencies emerge in the distance and converse like a room of spirits that echo the sound of past nightmares. Glimmers of light appear as cities dream of hi-rise sunsets.


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