Bill Laswell/Pete Namlook – Psychonavigation 3 (CD)



Artist: Bill Laswell, Pete Namlook
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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This time Laswell and Namlook join forces to produce the soundtrack for a journey through a telepathic mind. Riding through endless soundscapes on Bill’s dubby bass filled with drones and morphing fields in combination with Namlook’s spheres makes you feel at one with the universe. The musical fields are Space Music, Dub, Ambient, Electroacoustic …with beats ..and without beats….for the first time Pete Namlook uses a Trautonium which is prominently featured on the track Trautoniolo. Pete Namlook: “…this instrument seems to work like a -mind to music- interface…it is incredibly interactiveand gives me the possibility to directly form tones and sound without any delay in the musical creation process. …“ The results are sounds that work on your subconsciousness.


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