Eric “the” Taylor – Safe Travels (CD)



Artist: Eric "the" Taylor
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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With his comrade-in-arms Mick Chillage, Rochester, New York’s Eric “The” Taylor birthed the wonderful Architects of Existence project on Carpe Sonum back in 2017. Now he’s flying solo, and his ‘silence’ the past couple of years has borne some additional, immersive ambient fruit. Safe Travels on face appears to be another in a long line of revelations concocted by many an electronic musician’s perpetual devotion to all things interplanetary and intergalactic, and track titles such as “Moon Bass”, “Astrological Fall”, and “Destination” surely evoke all kinds of far-flung star treks that eagerly embrace the outer limits. But Taylor twists those hoary influences in ways you wouldn’t always expect. The attendant sounds surely do their enigmatic descriptors justice. Taylor is wholly punchdrunk on the sheer power of analog synthesis and its near-limitless sonic resources—the man’s not shy about exploiting those resources to the full. Thus, our collective cochlea revel in the short but twinkling starshine that is the aforementioned “Control”, the airy and atmospheric extrasolar mesas, complete with birdcall, that comprise the ten-plus minutes of “Deep Pond”, and the delicately poised pulses that lend “Tracking” its colorful and otherworldly complexion. Sheer beautiful miasma.

Cover art by Robert Rich.


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