Si Matthews – Tales of Ten Worlds (CD)



Artist: Si Matthews
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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Originally sent to Pete Namlook in 2006, Tales of Ten Worlds is certainly a storied release. Namlook responded kindly and praised the album, but declined to release it–noting that by then FAX had moved away from the palpable classic FAX sound of this album. Since that time, Tales of Ten Worlds has circulated among the FAX cognoscenti, and some have considered it “the one that got away.” In 2013, Si completely reworked two of the tracks and revisited the others, repairing some production issues that existed in the early version. The result is a sublime masterwork of ambient electronica filled with lush synths, ornate melodies, and delicate rhythms–all the necessary ingredients which harken back to the classic FAX label sound. Renew your passport, pack your bags, and prepare yourself for a journey through ten breathtaking sonic landscapes.


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