Bill Laswell/Klaus Schulze/Pete Namlook – The Evolution of the Dark Side of the Moog (CD)


Artist: Bill Laswell, Klaus Schulze, Pete Namlook
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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When Klaus and Pete first began to collaborate it was a great day for the Chill-Out and Techno world–one of the founders of Space music and Ambient from the 70’s collaborating with one of the 90’s Trance, Ambient Ethno-Techno and Chill-Out innovators. With each successive CD these artists created their own successful style in the field of Space Chill-Out. Klaus’ sequences, strings and Moog solos combined with Pete’s electronic rhythms, athmospheres and melodies. From “The Dark Side of the Moog IV” on legendary producer Bill Laswell occasionally joined the project with his extraordinary dub bass and the climax of the Series so far was Klaus and Pete’s concert in Hamburg 1999 released (“The Dark Side of the Moog VIII”). “The Evolution of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG” not only shows some of the best moments from their collaborations so far (remastered), but also it’s a CD that stands own–it evolves from track to track and unfolds this outstanding musical piece without interruption. 78+ minutes. Track listing: Intro 0.12 I – Wish You Were There (excerpt) 3.32 II – A Saucerful of Ambience (excerpt) 15.01 III/3 – Phantom Heart Brother 5.25 III/4 – Phantom Heart Brother 6.17 IV/7 – Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn 2.39 IV/8 – Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn 8.45 V/8 – Psychedelic Brunch 8.03 VI/6 – The Final DAT 10.28 VII/6 – Obscured by Klaus 7.57 VIII/2 – Careful with the AKS, Peter 1.09 VIII/6 – Careful with the AKS, Peter 8.42


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