Coil – The New Backwards (3xLP Black vinyl/3xLP White Vinyl/2CD)


Artist: Coil
Label: Infinite Fog
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“The New Backwards” was conceived by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson in 2007, revisiting stray tracks which hadn’t seemed to gel with the material he had chosen for the more somber “Ape of Naples” from 2005, COIL’s initial posthumous release, a sort of requiem and a kiss-goodbye to his then recently deceased partner John Balance. It is high time to rediscover this timeless album with the Infinite Fog release, available for the first time on vinyl in its full form without 3 skipped tracks! Besides that boasting nine further tracks of previously unheard material from the same sessions, rough working stages and surprising remixes which will surely delight the dedicated COIL archaeologists, as they shine yet another light on the creative process and on what could have been.

Recorded at Swanyard, London and at Nothing Studios, New Orleans, 1996.

Thanks to everyone there, especially Trent Reznor who made it all possible

Written & Produced by Coil & Danny Hyde.

Remixed by Peter Christopherson & Danny Hyde, Bangkok 2007.

For that session Coil were: Peter Christopherson, Jhonn Balance & Drew McDowall.

Mastered by Jessica Thompson.

Front artwork by Ian Johnstone.

Artwork licensed from The Estate of Ian Johnstone.

Layout Cold Graves & Oleg Galay.

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