Stimulus Timbre – Unfolding Cycles (CD)


Artist: Stimulus Timbre
Format: CD
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Stimulus Timbre is one of the musical aliases of Maltese composer Keith Farrugia.
You may also know him under his “Sound Synthesis” moniker.

His music gently grabs your attention with a variety of influences, each with a distinctive twist. It makes you listen intently, drawing you in with intricate sounds and timbres that slowly unfold and unravel into a beautiful journey.

Electronics and emotions intertwine to give the listener a deep, melancholic and almost surreal feeling where time is lost and nature seems to be closer than ever.

Whilst gaining a strong fan-base from having a number of digital-only releases under his belt, “Unfolding Cycles” will be the first Stimulus Timbre album to be released on CD and has been long overdue and highly anticipated.


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