Plank & Ishq – Zeal Monachorum (CD)


Artist: Plank & Ishq
Format: CD
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Lee Norris and Matt Hillier have been busy in the studio over the winter months and present their fourth album as Plank and Ishq.

The organic and melodic sounds on Zeal Monachorum seem to have been sourced from deep woods and underground tunnels, where mysterious life forms breed and grow. Assembled within hours, they manage to distil, like a magic time capsule, the essence of eternity in a few minutes. With a careful listen one is able to recognize, briefly, familiar sounds; a cricket on a hot summer night, boats dancing in moving waters. Blended with carefully filtered analog recordings and surrounded by an ensemble of vintage synthesizers. Plank and Ishq’s music not only exists within those sounds but in the space between them and in the way they interact with each other.


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