Dyad – A Tremendous River (CD)


Artist: Dyad
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Format: CD

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A collection of melodies, harmonies and textures recorded over the
last few years. Waves of sound, slowly drifting along.

Recorded at various locations and across a number of years, the
tracks provide a patient pause in a world of busy chaos and movement.

Rotherhithe includes recordings of an old piano in the bottom of
the entrance to the Thames Tunnel Shaft in London. Echoes of piano
chords bounced around the cavernous space.

Boxing Day, recorded on the day that inspires its name, includes
swells of synths created and edited from various sound sources. A
time for reflection, coming up to the end of another year, the track
moves along at a contemplative pace.

Pine Trees is inspired by the atmosphere of David Lynch’s Twin
Peaks–a show which became a lockdown favourite, and helped to capture the energy of the dark winter nights.

Harmony, with a sample from popular philosophical orator Alan Watts,
is one of the oldest tracks on the album. It plants the seeds of a
sound that began many years ago, but continues to this day. The
track layers multiple guitars on top of one another to produce a
vast ocean roar.


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